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Mind to matter : the astonishing science of how your brain creates material reality
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1st edition.
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Carlsbad, California : Hay House, 2018.
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326 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Introduction -- How our brains shape the world -- How energy builds matter -- How our emotions organize our environment -- How energy regulates DNA and the cells of our bodies -- The power of coherent mind -- Entraining self with synchronicity -- Thinking from beyond local mind.
Every creation begins as a thought, from a symphony to a marriage to an ice cream cone to a rocket launch. When we have an intention, a complex chain of events begins in our brains. Thoughts travel as electrical impulses along neural pathways. When neurons fire together they wire together, creating electromagnetic fields. These fields are invisible energy, yet they influence the molecules of matter around us the way a magnet organizes iron filings.


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We're told that 'thoughts become things', and, although this is true for some things, it is manifestly untrue for others: some of us will never be professional astronauts, for example, no matter how earnestly we think about it. Between the possible and the impossible there is a wide middle ground.
New research and new discoveries in epigenetics, neuroscience, electromagnetism, psychology, public health and quantum physics are demonstrating that thoughts can indeed be profoundly creative. In Mind to Matter , award-winning author Dawson Church examines the scientific facts behind the popular concept of 'manifesting' and reviews its possibilities and its limits.
As we discover how the universe operates synchronistically, we come to understand that while we have individual local minds, we also participate in a universal nonlocal mind. Mind to Matter shows us that as we take charge of our individual power to create, we have the potential, as a species, to catalyze a transformation of our whole world.

Author Notes

Dawson Church PhD is an award-winning author whose bestselling book, The Genie in Your Genes has been hailed by reviewers as a breakthrough in our understanding of the link between emotion and genetics. He founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare to study and implement promising evidence-based psychological and medical techniques. He shares how to apply the breakthroughs of energy psychology to health and athletic performance through EFT Universe ( He is the editor of Energy Psychology , a peer-reviewed professional journal and a blogger for the Huffington Post.

Table of Contents

Dr. Joseph Dispenza
Forewordp. xi
Introduction: Metaphysics Meets Sciencep. xvii
Chapter 1 How Our Brains Shape the Worldp. 1
Chapter 2 How Energy Builds Matterp. 35
Chapter 3 How Our Emotions Organize Our Environmentp. 67
Chapter 4 How Energy Regulates DNA and the Cells of Our Bodiesp. 111
Chapter 5 The Power of Coherent Mindp. 151
Chapter 6 Entraining Self with Synchronicityp. 213
Chapter 7 Thinking from beyond Local Mindp. 273
Afterword: Where Mind Takes Us Nextp. 285
Referencesp. 289
Indexp. 309
Acknowledgmentsp. 319
About the Authorp. 323
Image Creditsp. 325