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Mom hacks : 100+ science-backed shortcuts to reclaim your body, raise awesome kids, and be unstoppable
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Boston : Da Capo Lifelong Books, [2019]
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282 pages ; 21 cm
Why is it generally accepted that motherhood comes at the expense of our health--with all that weight gain, fatigue, and exhaustion? It doesn't have to be that way. What if your baby AND you could thrive together? We cure diseases. We create artificial ears using 3-D printers. We solved how to pee in space. We can figure this out--and now Dr. Darria has done just that. An Ivy league-trained physician and mom of two, Dr. Darria combed the latest in medicine, psychology, and holistic health for answers when her own health crises struck. She now brings those solutions to moms everywhere. For moms who just DontHaveTheTime (or energy), Mom Hacks gives you the specific smallest changes that yield the biggest impact for you and your child. Every hack is a mini super-charged solution with an immediate impact. So you feel good, lose the baby weight, and are more present, while raising thriving children--in an entirely do-able, time-saving, with-you-in-the-trenches way. Her humor and personal stories bring warmth and encouragement when mothers need it most. You can be the mother and woman you want to be, and with Mom Hacks, you don't have to listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. It's time for a new mom world order.


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The moment you see that little "+" on the pregnancy test, everything changes. Baby comes first. And that's absolutely beautiful. Except, somewhere along the way between pregnancy test and delivery, coordinating school pickup, wiping noses, and incorporating workplace demands, the health of the mother takes a backseat. Mom Hacks changes all that.

Mom Hacks author Dr. Darria Gillespie outlines five building blocks (Purpose, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Stress) and over 100 tips to lead mothers into peak health, rest, and vibrancy. Similar to popular bestsellers such as The 4-Hour Body , Mom Hacks offers a useful guide to health and fitness, addressing the question: what are the tiniest changes that produce the biggest results? Here, the answers come from a doctor who is also a mom.

Author Notes

Darria Long Gillespie, MD, is a mom of two, a Harvard- and Yale-trained emergency physician, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee School of Medicine, and was previously on faculty at Harvard Medical School. Learn more at

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Booklist Review

In her first book, medical professor, emergency physician, television commentator, and mother of two Gillespie, best known as Dr. Darria, offers mothers advice on how to conquer some of their most common challenges. Gillespie covers maintaining a healthy diet, starting or restarting regular exercise, developing good sleep habits, managing stress, and becoming resilient. She breaks each category into hacks, or shortcuts that help achieve the larger goal. Her advice isn't groundbreaking, but it's reassuring in that she doesn't call for gimmicky diets or overnight lifestyle changes. The book is also set up so readers can focus on the section most relevant to them, begin with easier hacks, and make progress toward more demanding change. Her tone is both confident and confiding, and she backs up her claims with scientific and medical research, and other reliable sources. Readers who recognize Dr. Darria from her appearances on cable-news and health programs, and are seeking more guidance, will be happy to see this on the shelf.--Aleksandra Walker Copyright 2010 Booklist

Table of Contents

A Letter from Me to Youp. xv
Part 1 Nutritionp. 1
Hacks to Set Your Goals
1 Find Your "Why"p. 7
2 Choose Nutrition That Works with Your Body's Chemistryp. 10
The Building Blocks of a Healthy Diet
3 Produce-How to Choose Itp. 13
4 Produce-How to Keep It Fresh and Ready to Eatp. 15
5 Produce-How to Cook Itp. 17
6 Make Your Family a "Longevity Salad"p. 21
7 Carbs-Choose the Best Carbsp. 23
8 Fat-Add Good Fats Back to Your Dietp. 25
9 Heal Your Microbiomep. 28
10 Eat the Right Proteinp. 30
What Not to Eat
11 Avoid Beverages That Sabotage Your Metabolismp. 33
12 Minimize Endocrine Disruptors in Food Storagep. 35
13 Break the Processed Food and Sugar Habit Step 1: Cutting Hidden Sourcesp. 37
14 Break the Processed Food and Sugar Habit Step 2: Cutting Obvious Sourcesp. 40
15 Watch Out for a "Lite" or "Fat-Free" Label Backfirep. 42
Make Healthy Eating Delicious
16 Embrace New Flavorsp. 44
17 Eat for Satietyp. 46
18 Eat Mindfullyp. 47
Design Your Life to Make Good Nutrition Easier
19 Make Unhealthy Eating Inconvenientp. 49
20 Make Healthy Eating Convenientp. 51
21 Try Time-Restricted Eatingp. 53
22 Create Contingency Plansp. 55
23 Portion Control Made Easyp. 58
24 Improve Workday Mealsp. 59
25 Eat Well While Dining Outp. 60
Getting the Whole Family Eating Well
26 Super-Hack Dinnerp. 63
27 Easy Ways to Make Family Dinners Happenp. 64
28 Involve Your Kids in Shopping/Prepping/Cookingp. 66
29 Offer Variety-and Don't Give Upp. 68
30 Adjust Your Food-Parenting Behaviorp. 71
31 Troubleshoot Picky Behaviorp. 73
Part 2 Exercisep. 75
The Basics
32 Find Your "Why" for Exercisep. 79
33 What's Recommended and Where to Startp. 82
34 Get the Whole Family Exercisingp. 85
35 Increase Your Daily Activity, Periodp. 88
Finding Time
36 Start with Fifteen Minutes a Dayp. 90
37 Choose a Schedule That Fits Youp. 91
38 Squeeze in Exercise When the Kids Want to Playp. 93
39 Use Gym-Free Optionsp. 94
40 Discover Pockets of Time to Exercisep. 96
Making It Fun
41 Find Exercises That Match Your Personalityp. 97
42 Make It Socialp. 100
43 Play Music to Motivate Youp. 101
44 Get Your Village Activep. 102
45 Temptation Bundlep. 103
Finding the Motivation and Building the Habit
46 Build an Exercise Habitp. 105
47 Reward Good Behaviorp. 108
48 Make a Routine, and Put It on the Calendarp. 109
49 Lock in a Goalp. 111
50 Make Exercise Convenientp. 112
51 Kick-Start a Morning Exercise Habitp. 114
When the Going Gets Hard
52 Create Contingency Plansp. 116
53 Get on Track Met a Setbackp. 118
54 If You Still Can't Muster the Energyp. 120
Part 3 Sleep 123
Sleep Foundation: Structure
55 Find the Right Wake-Up Time and Keep Itp. 131
56 Find the Right Bedtime and Keep Itp. 133
57 Build Your Child's Sleep Foundation Early Onp. 134
Sleep Foundation: Routines
58 Start a Morning Routine That Energizesp. 138
59 Create Your Own Nighttime Power-Down Routinep. 140
60 Create a Nighttime Routine for Your Childp. 141
Sleep Foundation: Environment and Lifestyle
61 Don't Let Bedfellows Rob You of Sleepp. 143
62 Optimize Daytime Lightp. 145
63 Cut the Evening Lightp. 146
64 Harness Your Devicesp. 148
65 Set the Right Temperaturep. 149
66 Cut the Noisep. 150
67 Make Your Bedroom a Spa-Like Sanctuaryp. 152
68 Minimize Food/Drink Sleep Killersp. 153
69 Exercise Strategically for Sleep and Energyp. 154
Relaxation and Cognitive Techniques for Sleep
70 Harness Your Racing Mindp. 156
71 Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxationp. 157
72 Challenge Your Thoughtsp. 158
73 Do a Meditation for Sleepp. 162
74 Get Out of Bed When You Really Can't Sleepp. 164
75 If You Can't Fall Asleep, Start with a Later Bedtimep. 165
76 Fall Back Asleep After a Middle-of-the-Night Wake upp. 167
77 Use Sleep Aids Cautiously-or Not at Allp. 169
78 Nap Sparingly-and Strategicallyp. 171
Child-Specific Sleep Foundation and Troubleshooting
79 Troubleshooting Baby's Sleepp. 172
80 Newborn to Six Weeksp. 176
81 Six Weeks to Five Monthsp. 180
82 Five Months to Fifteen Monthsp. 182
83 Sixteen Months to Four Yearsp. 184
Part 4 Resiliencep. 187
My Days Are a Blur
84 What's Your "Why?"p. 193
85 Live by Your "Why"p. 195
86 Start Your Day with Intentionp. 196
87 Practice Gratitude-All Dayp. 199
88 Be Present Nowp. 200
89 Stop Multitaskingp. 203
90 Break the Device Habitp. 204
Cracking Mommy Guilt and Self-Doubt
91 Ditch the Supermom Myth and Accept Your Mom Evolutionp. 206
92 Choose Your Thoughtsp. 208
93 Identify Your Inner Criticp. 212
94 Challenge Your Automatic Negative Thoughts and Inner Criticp. 213
95 Recognize Baby Blues and Postpartum Depressionp. 215
If You're Feeling Overcommitted and Exhausted
96 Ask for Helpp. 218
97 Employ Instant Relaxation Techniquesp. 219
98 Employ Instant De-Angering Techniquesp. 221
99 Be in Naturep. 222
100 Eat for Your Brainp. 224
101 Exercise for Your Brainp. 225
102 Start a Meditation or Prayer Habitp. 226
Nurture the Relationships that Nourish You
103 Make Loved Ones Feel Like Rock Starsp. 228
104 Connect with Your Partnerp. 230
105 Prioritize Intimacyp. 232
106 Turn Toward Bids for Connectionp. 233
107 Love Your Villagep. 234
108 Make Someone Else's Dayp. 235
109 Forgivep. 237
110 When in Doubt, Playp. 238
Dr. Darria's Restore Dietp. 241
Notesp. 247
Acknowledgmentsp. 263
Indexp. 265
About the Authorp. 281